Manage your restaurant and bar operations better. With real-time results.

Manage your COGS, recipes, invoices, ordering, receiving, and inventory 5x faster for your restaurant or bar. Getting started with WISK is as easy connecting with your POS and scanning your items with your phone.
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Get the Ultimate Restaurant Inventory Method™ and increase your profits and cut waste
We integrate with the best companies in the world
Upserve by Lightspeed is an easy to use/easy to maintain POS & can be managed from anywhere, 24/7.
TouchBistro is an iPad POS system that helps you make more money, deliver a great client experience.
Toast POS offers a complete suite of solutions to help your business increase revenues.
Square Point of Sale integrates all the business tools you need with no monthly fees.
Maitre'D POS works with venues from casual dining, hotels, to quick service restaurants.
 Lightspeed is a cloud-based POS—it's the center of your business, online and in store.
Clover helps you streamline your orders, set up taxes and discounts, process refunds and returns.

Make the right decisions based on real data

WISK Restaurant and Bar Management platform integrates with 50+ POS systems to help increase your profit margins:

WISK Restaurant Management System

✔ Take food inventory 80% faster
✔ Reduce food waste
✔ Place orders to your food suppliers
✔ Optimize your plate costs
✔ Scan invoices with the snap of a picture
Learn about WISK Restaurant Management System

WISK Bar Management System

✔ Scan your bottles
✔ Place automated orders in seconds
✔ Reclaim spillage costs
✔ Optimize your drink costs
✔Access our database of 170K bottles
Learn about WISK Bar Management System

How WISK helps you grow

cash flows

Avg. reduced
inventory time

Reclaimed spillage
& food waste

*Based on customer results with WISK and testimonials

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Bad information is costing you money

The truth is your employees hate taking inventory. Finding a food or beverage inventory management app isn't hard. The problem is finding an app that your staff will actually use.

Without the right tool, how many hours does it take to:
• Perform accurate inventory counts
• Help you track and minimize food waste
• Adjust your menu prices when your invoice costs change
• Match sales to your actual inventory to track your losses and profits

It's quite difficult and time consuming to keep track of all these tasks. And chances are that you're spending way too much time on manual processes, and updating excel sheets.

That's why people like you can benefit from using WISK.

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Food and beverage inventory 80% faster

With WISK, taking your food and bar inventory is 80% faster than the manual way.

We simplify your inventory process by importing your previous inventory spreadsheet or letting you scan barcodes. No internet? No problem. You can also take count inventory using our offline mode while having multiple staff working at the same time to split up the work.

Point-of-Sale Integration

You can integrate WISK in seconds with over 40+ Point-Of-Sale systems. By using your POS and WISK, you get the theoretical daily stock based on sales even if you do inventory once a month!

You will see a clear breakdown of your sales compared to your inventory, stay on top of what’s selling and what's not, and make price changes instantly.

Our customers reclaim an average of 78% of their lost profits from food waste, spillage, and theft. This typically represents thousands of dollars per month back in your pocket.

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Place orders in seconds

Stop trying to guess what’s selling and what’s not — With WISK you know exactly how much of each product you need to order and when to order it.  

WISK integrates with your preferred food or alcohol suppliers so you can save time with automated orders and track your costs and invoices all in one place.

Understand what's actually going on

WISK delivers real-time insights that don't require a math degree. We make it easy to see where losses may be occurring within your business and how to fix them so you can remain profitable all year long. Being data-driven and customer-obsessed just became a reality.

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