170,000 bottles in our bar management system makes inventory as easy as scan, confirm, done.

Complete inventory up to 5x faster with our existing database of barcodes, images, weights, and densities for every item in your venue. Our bluetooth scale integration makes inventory accurate down to the ounce with only 4 minutes of training.
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WISK is fantastic. My inventory time went from 3 hours down to forty minutes. Great customer service too. I would highly recommend to any bar or restaurant.

The only bar inventory software with 170,000 bottles in your pocket.

Most of your employees hate taking inventory. And asking them to spend hours doing a task they hate guarantees an inaccurate inventory count.

WISK makes inventory as simple as scanning a barcode using your phone’s camera.  With WISK's database of 170,000 bottles, inventory is as easy as scan, confirm, done.

Now your reports won’t have any data entry errors. Even if you have 900 SKU’s on your shelf. WISK does all the heavy lifting for you.
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WISK is the pulse of our business. It’s how we start our week—I have my reports ready and this way I know where consumption is going and where to start digging deeper.

Take control of your bar.

Bars lose 20% of their bottom line due to over-pouring, spillage, and theft. That means 1 in every 5 drinks you sell is unaccounted for. If you were selling computers, keeping track is easy, but keeping track of liquid assets is hard. One single bottle can be used in a dozen different drinks or cocktails.

WISK gives clear variance reports by comparing your inventory to your sales directly from your POS so you can track where your losses happen.

No more running after Excel to merge 5 files! WISK sends you the reports automatically. Now, just keep doing your usual business and WISK handles the rest.
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WISK has saved us countless hours in weekly inventories. The ordering feature, based on WISK Pars, allowed us to better forecast sales, identify overstock, adjust to changes in sales trends and maintain better cash flow control.

Order based on your sales.

You probably order too much stock. In fact, most bars order too much. They have 35% of their bottles sitting on their shelves for weeks. This represents thousands of dollars.

WISK lets you pre-fill your order with the click of a button based on your preset pars or based on your consumption and your expected future sales.

Improve cashflows and put thousands of dollars back in your pocket with orders that are actually based on what you actually sell without deadstock on your shelves.
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It took us about six or seven hours to do inventory before, and we’ve now got it down to an hour and 20 minutes.

Update all your costs in one place. Automatically.

Do you know if your pour costs are hitting your targets? Or if your menu is really profitable?  

WISK updates your all of your costs dynamically with a direct supplier integration, or just by taking a picture of your invoice. All of this, under 10 seconds.

You will finally be able to run your business and focus on what you care about: your clients and not updating all your costs manually.
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