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's Integration with WISK

L'intégration de WISK avec
saisit automatiquement les stocks, les données relatives aux achats figurant sur les factures et les compare directement aux données relatives aux ventes et aux recettes provenant de la base de données de l'entreprise.
. WISK's reports are powered by real-time stock counts and sales from your POS making it easy for managers to measure revenue, menu performance and predict future purchase orders across accounting periods.
Les rapports de WISK sont alimentés par les stocks en temps réel et les ventes de votre point de vente, ce qui permet aux gestionnaires de mesurer facilement les revenus, les performances des menus et de prévoir les futures commandes d'achat pour toutes les périodes comptables.


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aider les restaurants et bars


Effortless Invoice Automation

OUR invoice management feature integrates with your accounting system for seamless financial management. Scan invoices with your phone, let our AI (or our white-glove team) handle the data entry, and directly push GL accounts and data to your accounting integration.

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Inventory Done 5x Faster

No more guesswork with our extensive database and innovative inventory tools. Scan or swipe to track over 200,000 bottle types and 1.4 million food ingredients. Integrated with your POS, managing stock has never been easier.

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Profitable Recipe Creation

Craft recipes with costs and labor in mind. Use sub-recipes for maintaining cost control, track food costs, and receive alerts to ensure profitability. Wisk keeps your kitchen efficient and profitable.

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Easy Ordering & Tracking

Create, send, and confirm purchase orders swiftly and smoothly. Whether you're basing orders on pars or sales, Wisk's feature set makes the process straightforward and efficient.

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Insightful Reporting & Analytics That don't require a math degree

Track variances, stock levels, and profitability of individual items with automated reporting. Wisk's analytics allow you to stay on top of your sales and accurately track your profit margins.

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Unified Management for Chains & Hospitality Groups

Wisk offers a centralized dashboard to manage all your venues. Track sales, compare invoices, and instantly push changes across all locations. Our commissary kitchen module streamlines operations for groups preparing dishes centrally.

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Comment WISK s'intègre avec


Un flux de travail cinq fois plus efficace
voir les données de vente en temps réel ou presque en temps réel selon le point de vente.

Ce point de vente s'intègre à travers Omnivore

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WISK uses Omnivore’s Universal API to integrate your sales data to integrate with WISK.

This provides a direct integration, where you’ll be able to see your sales data in real-time or near real-time (depending on the POS system). You won’t have to worry about uploading sales manually, or sending a daily sales report email.

Note: Omnivore charges a fee of $30 USD / month per venue, which is added to your subscription once the integration is completed.

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