S2E1 - Revolutionizing restaurant reservations with Tablz CEO, Frazer Nagy

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Notes du spectacle

In the latest episode of the "Wisking It All Podcast," the future of restaurant guest services is brought to the spotlight with an exclusive conversation between Angelo Esposito and Frazer Nagy, the dynamic CEO of Tablz.

Tablz, an innovative player in the hospitality sector, is transforming the way restaurants enhance guest experiences, with a special focus on their premium clientele. Among its pioneering features, the most notable is the groundbreaking profit share model, which introduces an unprecedented zero-cost revenue stream, thus setting a new benchmark for the industry. At the heart of Tablz's meteoric success is a seamless amalgamation of cutting-edge technology and genuine hospitality.

For enthusiasts keen on visual content, the podcast's YouTube channel offers a richer dive into the topic. As the hospitality industry stands on the cups of a transformative era, conversations like these on "Wisking It All Podcast" ensure listeners are always ahead of the curve.

Transcription de l'épisode