October 1, 2021

The Bar Manager's Guide to Easier Inventory

If you manage inventory for your bar, or even if you just want to make things easier when it comes time for the monthly inventory - then we have a guide for you
Bogdan Patynski

Inventory management – it’s most bar managers least favourite part of the job.

From the constant counting of bottles to keeping track of spreadsheet after spreadsheet, most bars spend precious time, money, and patience on a process that just isn’t effective or efficient.

What if, instead, bar managers could spend less of their precious time eyeballing supply and making purchase orders, and more doing the important things. With WISK’s platform, not only do bar managers save time, they also cut down on costs, optimize drink prices and create an overall more effective bar.

How? It’s all shockingly easy. We’ve broken it down into three steps: tracking, analysis, and decision-making. Here’s how it works.

1. Tracking

WISK’s platform works on both desktop and mobile, allowing managers to conduct inventory when and where it works for them.

Using our Bluetooth scale integration, managers can measure inventory right from their phone. WISK also organizes inventory to help bars identify inventory loss and view inventory at a glance to easily record what is in stock and what needs to be purchased.

2. Analysis

Have you ever under or over stocked? Felt like you were losing money through spillage and theft?

WISK reduces bar spillage by 90% and provides clear data on inventory variance, so you always know where you stand. It can also help anticipate lead times for making the next purchase order.

3. Decision-Making

Finally, WISK helps bar managers make important decisions while saving significant time and money.

WISK can send alerts when it’s time to re-stock, automate purchase orders directly from your distributor, maximize supplier discounts, analyze your bar data to optimize drink prices, and more.

Interested? Check out our savings calculator to see exactly how much cash WISK could save your operation or get right to it and book a demo. Or, be our friend on Facebook and Instagram first until you’re ready to make the commitment. No matter what, we promise you’ll like what you see. Visit https://wisk.ai/bar-restaurant-inventory-software/.


Taking inventory should not take hours.